Solutions to reduce your carbon footprint

We aimed to empower you with the most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint you create through your day-to-day activities. CarbonTrace supports climate action projects that have a positive impact on the local environment and communities, thus providing you with the best way to offset your carbon footprint.

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Preservation of native flora and fauna, restoration, and forestation

Our meat & dairy consumption along with illegal logging are driving deforestation across the world. This has a huge impact on global warming as trees can absorb 30% of global emissions every year. Besides depriving us of natural carbon captors, forest clearance is also harming the biodiversity and local communities...

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Promotion of clean and renewable energy

The energy sector is responsible for three quarter of the global GHG emissions. This impressive carbon footprint is driven by the burning of coal and other fossil fuels to generate electricity. The only way to shut down dirty power plants for good is to boost renewables implementation. An India-based study showed that ramping...

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Community conservation efforts for securing food, water, and livelihoods

Struggling to access safe water sources, in some areas of the world people still taps into surface water. If not properly decontaminated, this often-polluted water can carry viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as diarrhoea, intestinal infections and parasitosis. When sterilizing it, people typically burn wood to heat the water...

Corporations alone cannot resolve the climate emergency, so individuals should also embrace a low-carbon life to be part of the solution. However, we appreciate many people may not have time and/or the expertise to decrease their global warming impact. Which is why we designed a simple yet powerful tool that will let you make a difference in the net-zero race with next-to-zero efforts.