Preservation of native flora and fauna, restoration, and forestation

Our meat & dairy consumption along with illegal logging are driving deforestation across the world. This has a huge impact on global warming as trees can absorb 30% of global emissions every year. Besides depriving us of natural carbon captors, forest clearance is also harming the biodiversity and local communities of those ecosystems.
    The restoration of a forest falls under the nature-based solutions (NbS) umbrella. When combined, these can achieve a carbon reduction of up to 10-gigaton CO2e by 2050. By including forestation and other carbon offset forestry projects within its portfolio, CarbonTrace will let you bring the following benefits in India and other countries:
    • listGHG emissions reduction;
    • listMaking tree planting more profitable than logging;
    • listCreation of new habitats for native flora and fauna;
    • listProvision of new living space for Indigenous people.
    Uplifted by your support, our reforestation project aims to cover a 5,000-ha area over the next 5 years.
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